Opening up the new King Eddy

The boys in the band and I were proud to be part of an exciting event his week that amounted to a blues baptism of the new "and I mean new" King Edward Hotel at the corner of 9th & 4th SE in Calgary. For many years the old Eddy stood on the same corner and was the epicentre for live blues music in western Canada. The Eddy presented the world's blues greats week after week between 1982 and 2004 (when it was shut down in disrepair). In that time the Eddy fostered a flourishing local blues scene of which I was lucky enough to be part of. To go back years later along side a distinguished line-up of artists including Big Bill Dowey, Amos Garrett and Ellen McIlwaine, all of who were regulars on the old stage, was a thrill for me. Thanks to everyone at the National Music Centre.